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How to Create the Most Effective Leadership Development in Sydney

If you think leadership development is a waste of money and time, well you may be right. There are many organizations in Sydney that have flopped terribly in leadership development programs. This usually comes as a result of having the wrong concept and objectives. Some do it because other organizations are doing it and others want to entertain their employees. If you want the very best leadership development Sydney can ever offer, there are a myriad of factors you need to consider.

So what factors would make for an enduring and rich leadership development Sydney program? Here are some considerations.


The first thing you need to do while planning for the training program is to define the purpose and goal. It is recommendable to develop objectives that focus on particular leadership skills pertinent to the growth and leadership of the organization. When designing your program, do not expect one particular training initiative to be fit for all leaders. It is therefore, important to ask yourself this simple question: what is this program for? For instance If you need the training to support acquisition-led growth strategy, the training must be geared towards development of leaders who can come up with winning strategies for the new expansion.

To be effective in your program, equip leaders with a few competencies – maybe three or four. This will have a significant effect on performance. A major reason why leadership developments fail is when dozens of competencies are imposed on leaders. For better outcomes, identify and focus on a small number of leadership competencies that are crucial for the success of the organization such as stronger coaching skills and high-quality decision making.

Let the program be continuous

Leadership development Sydney programs go through a process and are not just a one-time event. It is essential to maintain the momentum after the program is complete. You can accomplish this in a number of ways. You may stretch out the training programs throughout the year. For instance you may have four one-day sessions every month rather than one four-day sessions. This will better facilitate continual motion of development. You may also hire the services of a personal executive coach. The coach will not be available for just a day; he will be meeting with the leaders on a regular basis at a personal and group level. Another way of keeping the momentum is by introducing a learning cohort that meets to discuss concepts and results.

Measure results

How can you quantify the value of the investments? When you fail to keep track of your leadership development program, other improvement initiatives will not be taken seriously. The management might be reluctant to fund any other initiative if there was nothing to show for the development program. Evaluate the extent of behavioral change. Have the leaders changed in their attitude or behavior towards the company. What about their career developments, how many have gone back to school to upgrade their skills? How many have been promoted to higher position one or two years after the program? Another way to measure the outcomes of the program is to check the organization’s productivity. Did the revenue increase or decrease after the program?